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Name:Needly Purple Jelly
Birthdate:Jun 7, 1895
Location:百尖塔, (states/regions/territories)
I'm too lazy to write things. Like introductions. That's why I'm making a journal, you see...

PS: I mean bones, not Bones, okay?

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absinthe, agejo, aloe vera, ane gal, antiquarian bookshops, archiving, baking, barware, bees, beltine, bifauxnen, bodaiju matsuri, bohemian lolita, bohemiaphilia, bones, buck-tick, calling cards, cartography, chadou, children, choki choki, classical-supernatural anime, comedy, comic journaling, comics, cults, dancing, dansou, dictionaries, drinking, elderflower icecream, equal exchange, ero lolita, fairytales, fashion design, feng shui, fish, folklore, food places, food-shopping, fortunetelling, fox, friends, gal lifestyle, game design, genealogy, ghost stories, go, han lolita, hanafuda, handwriting, hanfu, heian, hibiscus, hime lolita, horology, horror, house protective spells, illustration, international shakuhachi festival prague, japanese, japanese food, jellyfish, kanji, kitchen knives, kodona, leipzig zoo, letter-writing, libraries, linden parks, local crafts, locksmithing, lycoris, lyrics, magic, mead, measuring, miso soup, mixology, modern tribes, monsters, moon, mystery, myths, names, natsucon, nihontou, non-standard communication, odagiri joe, old books, onmyou, osaka, ouji, outfitting, pantry, paper, pens, peonies, plastic tree, poetry, polearms, politics, prunus mume, religion, rezoo gal, rice, rituals, rovinj, sake, security, sewing, shinto, singing, sleep, sleepwear, slow food, songwriting, spectacular vocals, storytelling, superstitions, taisho, taisho roman, textiles, thrift stores, timekeeping, timepieces, tolkiencon, translation, travelling, underwear, urban legends, vanity, vegetables, wa lolita, walks, whiskey, yukata
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